Florence and Bumble are frequently in awe of our beautiful Dorset surroundings and inspired by the nature found here.

The humble bumble bee is one such creature that features heavily, from our logo to our products.

Quietly busying itself, daintily extracting sweet nectar to delicately and carefully construct its honeycomb home, being rewarded for its efforts with the satisfyingly delightful golden syrup. 

Not only do we recognise the similarities between the bees hard graft and creative craft and our work at Florence and Bumble, but we also acknowledge the vital role of the bee in our world, from food to fauna. In appreciation of their efforts, and to help ensure their continued survival and hopefully to thrive in an ever changing landscape we pledge to donate a proportion of our profits on our soon-to-be-launching Bee Happy lines to bee conservation efforts in the UK.

barmy bee facts

  • There have been over 270 different species of bee recorded in Great Britain
  • The honey bee is the only insect that produces food that humans eat
  • Despite the fact that numerous bees found in Great Britain are known to be under threat of extinction, none are currently protected by law
  • A bumblebee can flap it's wings at a staggering 200 beats a second
  • Bumblebees live in smaller nests than honeybees
  • Bumblebees have been found at Mount Everest, at 18,000ft above sea level            


There are numerous ways in which one or two small acts by you can hugely help local bees in your area;

Bring a splash of colour and wildlife to you garden by choosing to plant flowers that are particularly attractive to bees. We've found that bees are particularly fond of purple flowers and find it hard to resist a good lavender bush, heather is an equally popular choice. Flowers with tubular shaped flower heads are also a favourite, such as snapdragons.

If you see a bee looking a bit lethargic you can help give it a boost - mix a small amount of sugar and water on a tablespoon and allow to bee to take take a refreshing drink for an energy boost. However, please do not permanently leave out a bowl of sugared water as this can create some problems for the bee - it is effectively junk food, fine in small doses for the solo bee in need of an energy boost but it should not be a source of energy to depend on.

Leave out some fresh water for bees and other wildlife, at Florence and Bumble HQ we have a shallow bird bath with a few small pebbles enabling the bees to refresh themselves and easily fly away once the thirst has been quenched. 

A hugely important tip is to never feed bees honey - they do not eat it themselves, if fed it can unfortunately bring infection and disease to a hive especially if from an outside source such as from the supermarket.